Vazyme participates in Medica 2021 in Germany to accelerate its expansion in the global market

“While responding rapidly to the pandemic and developing a suite of industry-leading COVID-19 testing solutions that enable rapid and accurate results, we also continued broader efforts to increase our commercial presence in the world, ”said Dr Tang Bo, co-founder and general manager of Vazyme’s medical division. “The EU is an important market for us and we are dedicated to customer service with extensive local operations set up to better serve our local customers.” Tang added.

As the world prepares to reopen, high-quality, rapid and holistic diagnostic solutions for COVID-19 will play a critical role in the battle against the virus. Vazyme has designed its effective screening tools — SARS-CoV-2 & FLU A / B RT-QPCR Detection Kit for the detection of nucleic acids and SARS-CoV-2 & FLU A / B Ag Rapid Test — for the simultaneous detection of three types of viruses that cause COVID-19, influenza A and influenza B. The tests are fast, reliable and able to provide very accurate results “while you wait”.

The company will receive CE mark approval for its SARS-CoV-2 antigen detection kit (for self-test) and the case will soon be available as home tests in European markets. The Real-Time Antigen Detection Kit is capable of detecting multiple variants of COVID-19, including the delta variant, the most contagious form of the coronavirus.

By following simple instructions, individuals can easily perform a self-test in the comfort of their home or anywhere. The fast and portable test Solution help prevent asymptomatic transmission, control the spread of coronavirus in the community, and reduce pressure on local health systems by quickly identifying people with the highest potential for infection.

The performance of Vazyme’s COVID-19 test products has been fully validated by several accredited European laboratories, including the Paul Ehrlich Institute, Locus Medicus, Alabiso Lab and others. Vazyme continuously works in partnership with world-renowned academic institutions, laboratories and healthcare distributors in overseas markets to optimize localized sales and distribution networks, ensuring that the company’s global users receive the tests. and the care they need.

As a technological innovator, Vazyme considers its continued investment in the R&D of innovative solutions as a top priority, which guarantees the company’s capabilities to develop new products with innovative technologies and the ability to continue to build a portfolio. of comprehensive products to meet the various needs of global customers.

About Vazyme

Founded in 2012, Nanjing Vazyme Biotech Co., Ltd is one of the few innovative R&D-oriented biotechnology companies in China which has capabilities in in-house upstream technology development and manufacturing of finished products. With an ongoing commitment to innovation and on the basis of its proprietary key generic technology platform, the company has built a commercial network spanning biological research, in vitro diagnostics and biomedicine. Vazyme has developed eight series of proprietary POCT diagnostic reagents and associated control materials covering cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, inflammation, prepotency, gastric functions, autoimmunity, kidney function, chronic disease management as well as respiratory diseases.

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