Prusa Research goes big with the innovative original Prusa XL

Prusa Research, one of the world’s largest 3D printer manufacturers, today unveiled the game-changing Original Prusa XL. The full-scale CoreXY 3D printer with a cubic build volume of 36cm (14.17 inch) is more than four times the size of the Original Prusa MK3S + and eight times the size of the Original Prusa MINI +. It’s technology that goes far beyond anything the company has ever offered.

“The generous volume capacity of the Prusa XL will open up many possibilities for users who wish to create objects on a larger scale than our existing product line provided. “ said Josef Prusa, CEO of Prusa Research. “Almost every aspect of the machine has been completely designed from the ground up to ensure that the Prusa XL is the 3D printing technology for a range of applications, including prototyping, architectural models, engineering, cosplay accessories, and more. For more information see the IDTechEx report on 3D printing and additive manufacturing 2020-2030: COVID edition.
The Prusa XL is the company’s first CoreXY printer, designed to minimize vibration and other unwanted effects to produce quality prints at any size. It includes high-quality components such as heavy-duty aluminum extrusions and high-quality linear rails and bearings, a new custom 32-bit card, and an array of innovative features developed by the team at Prusa Research, including:

The Nextruder

The Prusa XL is equipped with a new generation extruder which has been designed and manufactured with completely new and advanced processes. The Nextruder makes machine operation, maintenance and servicing easier than ever before, while improving temperature monitoring and overall safety. In addition, it features a new backlash-free gearbox with a large non-slip drive gear that allows better control of the filament when fed into the new quick-change nozzle.

Leveling system based on load cells

The Prusa Research team has designed a load cell-based leveling system that will allow users to print a perfect first layer every time, an important step in the ease of use of 3D printers. The system is fully automatic, so no Live Z, tuning, SuperPINDA or other intervention is required.

Segmented heated bed

Regular heated beds tend to warp slightly when they heat up, which is why Prusa Research created a segmented heated bed made up of individually controlled 4X4 segments with expansion gaps. Users can heat or replace individual segments, allowing cost effective operation.

Tool changer

The Prusa XL was designed with tool changing capabilities in mind. The system is extremely accurate and has a self-calibration routine that ensures everything is working as expected. In addition, it can accommodate up to five independent tool heads for users who want to upgrade the machine.

In addition, the Prusa XL kit will include everything users are accustomed to receiving with Prusa Research products: adjusted PrusaSlicer profiles, step-by-step instructions, 24/7 technical support, and more.

“Our community has been eagerly awaiting updates on the Prusa XL since we first announced the model in late 2019. It took a while to complete all new and advanced features, but we’re sure customers will think the machine was well worth the wait. , “ said Prussia. “The Prusa XL is now available for pre-order and we expect to be able to fill orders in the second or third quarter of 2022.”

While Prusa Research strives to produce as many parts as possible in-house, the company still relies on several third-party vendors and sources parts for development. Component shortages, long lead times, and other global supply chain issues will impact the company’s ability to source required components in the short term. In the meantime, the Prusa Research team will continue to improve the machine further to ensure that the Prusa XL is another great addition to its product line.

About Prusa Research

Prusa Research is a leading manufacturer of 3D printers based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company was founded in 2012 as an individual start-up by Josef Prusa, a Czech hobbyist, manufacturer and inventor. It all started as a hobby when Prusa started exploring the possibilities of open source 3D printers, improving and gradually expanding them, making them accessible to mainstream users. It only took a few years to transform a small garage project into a globally recognized brand with over 600 people on board. Today, several large development teams within the company are focused on pushing 3D printing technologies even further with new 3D printers, advanced software and better printing materials.

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Top image: Prusa Research

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