Oregon startup Blissweaver revolutionizes the bedding scene with an all-natural mulberry silk comforter that regulates temperature

The all-new Blissweaver mulberry silk eco-friendly duvet provides the most comfortable sleep thanks to its impressive temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking properties, hypoallergenic composition and innovative silky fabric.

Parkdale, Oregon – September 03, 2021 – A small, Oregon-based family business, Blissweaver, is redefining the sleep scene nationwide and for the better. The bedding company recently launched an innovative 100% natural temperature-regulating comforter made from mulberry silk that provides comfortable sleep for both hot and cold sleepers simultaneously. The product contains a hypoallergenic composition which also helps allergy sufferers to sleep peacefully.

Blissweaver’s Mulberry Silk Duvet has received rave reviews and ratings from a long line of happy customers since its launch a few months ago.

“12/10 recommend !! I finally found the perfect balance between exceptional comfort and temperature control so my husband and I could have an amazing night’s sleep. Francoise D

“This is the most luxurious duvet I have ever owned. It keeps me warm without overheating. It’s sweet beyond imagination. – Heather S.

“The material of your bedding plays a key role in determining the quality of your sleep. Regular bedding materials like polyester, cotton, or down tend to trap heat and moisture, causing severe night sweats. An uncomfortable temperature is one of the main obstacles to good quality sleep. This is where our revolutionary Mulberry Silk Comforter comes to the rescue, ”said Morgan, who co-founded Blissweaver with her husband Dalton.

Silk is an exceptional material that offers very effective temperature control which can lead to better quality sleep. Silk has a porous structure with nanopockets that help absorb and distribute excess heat. Compared to other materials like polyester padding or down, research has shown that silk stabilizes temperature changes with much greater efficiency, ultimately creating the perfect environment for deep and comfortable sleep.

In addition to its excellent temperature regulating abilities, silk also has excellent moisture wicking properties.

“You can count on Blissweaver’s all-new Mulberry Silk Duvet as your ‘ultimate thermoregulation solution’ which is intelligently designed to provide the most luxurious and comfortable sleep for both hot and cold sleepers. Here you have a game-changing all-season duvet that capitalizes on the power of silk to achieve maximum temperature regulation and comfort for users. Our product wicks away 2x more moisture and is 3 times more breathable than cotton.

Another major USP that puts the Blissweaver Mulberry Silk Quilt a step ahead is its innovative use of imported eucalyptus lyocell fabric.

“Silk duvets of the past generally used cotton or polyester shells, which compromises the effects of natural silk filling. We wanted the most luxurious experience for our users, and we knew traditional cotton or polyester wouldn’t do here. Thus, we opted for the unique imported eucalyptus lyocell shell fabric which had won us over with its premium silky feel. Similar to bamboo fabric, it is cool to the touch and has excellent moisture wicking properties, but offers increased durability and better environmental benefits.

The eucalyptus lyocell used in the manufacture of the Blissweaver Mulberry Silk Quilt is sourced from biodiverse and sustainably managed tree farms in Austria and the Czech Republic using 10 times less water than cotton. The trees are grown without the use of pesticides and no harmful chemicals are used in tissue production. Eucalyptus fiber does not contain essential oils and is safe for children and pets.

Main Features of Blissweaver Mulberry Silk Quilt:

  • Luxuriously soft duvet made from premium 100% natural materials
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Wicks away moisture for a dry and comfortable sleep
  • Excellent temperature regulating ability which makes it ideal for both hot and cold sleepers
  • Hypoallergenic composition ideal for users prone to allergies
  • Sustainable, renewable, non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • 100 night sleep guarantee

Blissweaver offers free shipping and returns to the continental United States. For more information, please visit https://www.blissweaver.com

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Company Name: weaver of happiness
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City: Parkdale
State: Oregon
Country: United States
Website: https://www.blissweaver.com

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