Lion Elastomers requests dumping duties on certain imports of E-SBR

WASHINGTON – Synthetic rubber producer Lion Elastomers LLC has filed an anti-dumping petition against emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber (E-SBR) producers in the Czech Republic, Italy and Russia, claiming there is a “clear pattern unfair pricing ”of the E-SBR of these countries.

In the petition, filed with the US Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission on November 12, Lion claims that these imports have caused material injury to the domestic industry in the form of “lost sales, decreased production volume. and capacity utilization, declining profit margins and contractions in labor retention.

The synthetic rubber producer said he was supported in the action by United Steelworkers Local 13-228-03 and International Union of Operating Engineers (“IUOE”) Local 564.

The E-SBR is mainly used in tire applications as well as in conveyor belts, shoe soles, pipes, roller coverings and floor coverings. While E-SBR is used in some tire applications, three quarters or more of the SBR used in tire production is considered an SBR solution, which has a higher molecular weight and a smaller molecular weight distribution. , features that provide better flexibility and better tensile strength with lower rolling resistance.

The petition covers the grades of E-SBR included in the IISRP 1500 and 1700 series of synthetic rubbers sold in all solid forms including, but not limited to, bullets, granules, crumbs, lozenges, powders, plates, sheets and tapes.

According to the petition, Lion claims a dumping margin of 35.87% for E-SBR imported from the Czech Republic, 44.51% from Italy and 67.87% from Russia.

The complaint concerns imports of around 68 million pounds, valued at $ 23.1 million, in 2020.

Commercial action lists Synthos Kralupy AS as exporter of E-SBR to US from Czech Republic; Versalis SpA from Italy; and Omsky Kauchuk, Sibur Holding, JSC Synthez-Kauchuk and Tatneft of Russia.

Lion Elastomers said it has filed this petition to enforce US trade laws “designed to create a level playing field for US producers and to maintain manufacturing jobs” in the United States.

“The petition calls for the imposition of equal corrective anti-dumping duties only at the unfair price margin by foreign producers in the US market.”

The ITC’s preliminary investigation set the questionnaires for November 29; requests to appear at a hearing by December 1; a hearing held on December 3; briefs expected on December 8; and a vote will follow on December 27.

The ITC and DOC would then issue preliminary and final determinations in 2022.

Lion Elastomers has been a producer of SRs in the United States for over 60 years, operating factories in Geismar, Louisiana, and Porches and Orange, Texas. Lion bought the Orange plant in 2019 at Firestone Polymers LLC, a subsidiary of Bridgestone Americas.

The company previously filed a trade action against imports of ESBR into Mexico, Brazil, Poland and South Korea, which resulted in the collection of duties in 2017.

DOC recently announced that it is conducting a review of the duties imposed on Industrias Negromex SA de CV, and will review the data for the 12 months ended August 31, 2021.

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