“It is very difficult to find a good lighting supplier”

Modern agriculture, forestry and other land uses are responsible for 25% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to FAO data. Agriculture is heavily dependent on the use of artificial chemicals to produce food, which makes the sector very polluting. A new method of farming called aquaponics aims to reduce this environmental burden, and Tungsram has partnered with InGreen, an aquaponics farming company in the Czech Republic with the aim of serving sustainability and food security.

Simply put, aquaponics is the cultivation of aquatic plants and animals in a recirculating environment. Based on the cooperation between plants and fish, the term originates from the word aquaculture and hydroponics.

The main advantages of soilless agriculture are many, including the reduction in the presence of diseases and soil-borne pathogens; improved growing conditions which can be manipulated to meet optimum plant requirements leading to increased yields; more efficient use of water and fertilizers; and the possibility of developing agriculture where suitable land is not available.

The magic of aquaponics is that these systems convert fish waste into plant nutrients, making it an environmentally friendly food growing method without the need to throw away water, filter, or wash down. add chemical fertilizers.

Czech pioneers
In Green is a recently created agricultural company in the town of Kelčany, in the south of Moravia, in the Czech Republic, specializing in aquaponics. The two young entrepreneurs behind InGreen, Michal Tesařík and David Rakušan are as excited about the possibilities offered by this farming method as they are concerned about the future of the planet. “This type of farming combines computer skills and farming acumen,” says Michal Tesařík.

Being the only company to combine aquaponics and vertical agriculture in the Czech Republic, In Green grows more than 1000 pieces of leafy vegetables per month on an area of ​​6 square meters. They specialize in leafy greens with special emphasis on lettuce and various herbs. As InGreen plans to significantly increase its production area in the short term and set up an automated farm, the company decided to find a lighting expert last year.

“It is very difficult to find a good lighting supplier because customers have an extremely wide choice of suppliers. We have tried many companies and compared their products, and found Tungsram to be the best, ”says David Rakušan. The flexibility of the Budapest-based company to tailor its lamps to customer needs, the efficiency and high quality of its products, as well as the flawless technical support provided to customers, were the decisive arguments in Tungsram’s favor.

Custom lighting design
Cooperation with Tungsram started in June 2020 when the two sides started discussions on technical setup / crop definition / spectrum and light intensity requirements. After several rounds of clarifications, Tungsram came up with a final lighting design, tailored to the specific needs of the customer.

In Green purchased 600 Tungsram fixed spectrum light bars which were installed on a 350 square meter growing area where lettuce grows. The lamps help to help plants reach a certain predetermined weight, shape and taste in a shorter period of time. InGreen has 14 harvest cycles per year and Tungsram luminaires play a key role in ensuring that the compactness of the plants meets the company’s criteria and that they reach the target weight in a sufficient number of days.

The Budapest-based company also provided experimental variable-spectrum lamps and lighting recipes to InGreen with the aim of conducting laboratory research on different variations of lettuce and other leafy greens. The research will help their plans to increase the production area and expand their product portfolio. “We have big plans with Tungsram for the future,” says Michal Tesařík.

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