Classic Legends targets 500 dealers across India, BSA-branded electric motorcycles

Mahindra & Mahindra is relaunching the two-wheeler business with great vigor. After acquiring Classic Legends, in which it owns a 60 percent stake, in 2016 and starting to manufacture Czech-branded Jawa motorcycles under license, it also aims to revive the iconic The British brand BSA, for which it has bought the rights to the global brand.

For classic legends, the two Jawa Forty Two Sports Stripes models launched in February 2021 and priced at Rs 184,000 marks the start of its new product offensive this year. The main highlights of the 2021 Jawa and Forty Two range include crossport technology, a more efficient electric system, a re-tuned suspension for better ground clearance, optimized power and torque, a redesigned side stand, revised seats, alloy rims and tubeless tires.

According to Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO of Classic Legends: “The Forty Two Sports Stripes variants have given us an invigorating start to the year with demand exceeding our expectations.

Although the company has not released sales figures for the Indian market for this year, in 12 months of operation, Jawa has sold more than 50,000 units until the end of November 2020. Joshi says efforts to increase production to meet customer demand have been affected by the lockdown restrictions. , especially on the supplier side. “As we have improved our capabilities and capabilities, some of our suppliers, particularly in the western region, have been severely affected by the pandemic. Our deliveries also suffered from dealer compliance in April and, more so, in May. “

Massive network extension planned
In an effort to have a nationwide presence, Classic Legends plans to expand its retail network. At present, Jawa has 187 dealers in 150 cities; the goal is to have 275 concessions in place by August 2021 and 500 concessions over the next 12 months or by June 2022. “We started mainly with a metro and level 1 footprint, which has the suffered most during the current wave. We have massive demand for our dealerships and we are using it to focus on expanding into smaller towns, ”Joshi added.

A BSA electric motorcycle in preparation
Classic Legends claims to have seen rapid progress in its global operations. The company’s plans to relaunch the BSA Motorcycles brand and work on heat-engine motorcycles are underway.

The other news is that BSA is set to make a foray into the electric motorcycle market, thanks to a £ 4.6million (Rs 41.67 crore) grant from the UK government as part of an initiative low carbon automobile across the UK.

BSA received this grant from the UK Government’s Advanced Propulsion Center for the development of innovative zero-emission motorcycles that support the UK automotive industry‘s quest to go green and also create thousands of jobs. Classic Legends claims to have already set up a tech center at its base in Coventry, UK.

M&M. very optimistic about electric mobility, appointed Dr Uli Stuhec as Vice President and Head of Global Born Electric Vehicle platform (BEV). The company also consolidated its electric mobility business in two targeted verticals: Last Mile Mobility (LMM) and Electric Vehicle Tech Center. Expect the BSA electric motorcycle project to take advantage of these capabilities of the Mahindra Group.

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