Czech Manufacturing

Ways to unlock more value with cobots

Australia/ New Zealand – While cobots have enabled manufacturers to run agile operations and increase performance for over a decade, today’s cobots are designed to do even more. Cobots have come a long way since their inception and can now lift up to 16kg, applying the ideal force sensing required …

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DUIHK expects rapid economic recovery from COVID

Members of the German-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DUIHK) and other foreign investors expect economic activity to pick up this year, both for the economy as a whole and beyond for their own business, according to the chamber’s latest economic survey. . András Sávos, president of DUIHK, said during …

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Painters’ new layer of progress

Having one of the fastest growing paint and coating industries in the Southeast Asian region, Vietnam is mainly dominated by international paint and coating groups, but it is now witnessing a ‘a refresh as local manufacturers try to gain traction. Japan-based Nippon Paint Group has released its new three-year strategy …

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