Cambodia’s pepper exports hit record high, increase 452 percent

Cambodia exported 28,074 tonnes of pepper last year, a staggering 452 percent increase from the previous year, according to a report from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Forestry.

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Vietnam was the Kingdom’s largest pepper export market last year, importing some 27,111 tonnes, or 96.5 percent of the total export amount, according to the report.

The other main markets are Germany 607 tons, Thailand 180 tons, France 45 tons and India 42 tons, while the rest went to Belgium, China to Taiwan, the Czech Republic, Poland, the Japan, Russia, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Switzerland and Sweden. , the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Malaysia, and some countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

Mak Ny, president of the Cambodia Pepper and Spices Federation, said on Tuesday that local processing and market diversification would help increase the value-added price of pepper.

“We recognize that Vietnam is the biggest market for our pepper, but some investors have started to invest in the processing of finished pepper products, which would push the product price stable,” Ny said.

“The federation has promoted pepper to other markets, including the Middle East and North Africa, and as part of the free trade agreement with China, we hope to be able to reduce dependence on it. regard to exports to Vietnam and that would keep the market stable along with the price, ”he said. .

Cambodia is currently exporting both Geographic Indicator Pepper, originally planted in Kampot, South West Cambodia, and Non-GI Pepper – mixed with Normal Pepper, Good Agricultural Practice Pepper and organic pepper. GI pepper is mainly exported to the EU, where it has received GI status.

Nguon Lay, president of the Kampot Pepper Promotion Association, said on Tuesday that the association is looking to expand its market to others – China, South Korea and Japan.

“Our pepper is exported to the EU market and the amount we supply each year is the same. So we want to expand into new markets like China in the hope of boosting production, ”Lay added.

Last year, the association supplied the association’s partner exporting companies with around 110 tonnes. Ny and Lay urged farmers to step up pepper production to win the market with a promised price.

“In accordance with our goal, we will promote the production of pepper in accordance with safety standards and organic standards, as the tendency to use products with safety standards has increased,” Ny said, adding that the federation would continue to promote the GAP and Organic Pepper in the EU intended to export these non-GI peppers to this market.

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